Friday, January 8, 2010

Fandom News - 1/8

Congratulations to the following authors for completing their stories last week!
Way to go, guys!

Start Submitting Entries for the An Edward to Remember Classic Hollywood O/S Contest

Nothing on the Calendar for today

Deadline to Submit Entries to The "Anything but Twilight" Vamp Smut Contest

Deadline to Submit Entries to The 'Make It Work' Contest

Voting for Twilight in the Roaring Twenties Contest Ends

Deadline to Submit Entries to "Twi-High Anonymous Challenge" Deadline

Deadline to Submit Entries to To Go Amongst Mad People Contest

Winners for The Kid Contest Announced Today

Ongoing Contests, Open for Submission:

P.I.C's Two's Company, Three's a Party Polyamorous Contest - 1/17/2010, Birds and Bees Writing Challenge - 1/29/2010, I Get Off in Volterra Contest - 1/21/2010, Write for the Other Team Contest - 1/22/2010, The Eve Arden Awards - 1/30/2010, Cullens Incarcerated Contest - 1/31/2010, Team SOB "The Rain Scene" Challenge - 1/31/2010, The Forgotten Femmes Anonymous Contest - 1/31/2010, TwilightTeamDILF Contest - 1/31/2010, To Kill a Cullen Contest - 2/2/2010, Bring Out Your Cheesy Contest - 2/3/2010, Will You Marry Me Contest - 2/4/2010, "Love Bites" Anonymous Lovers Scorned Valentine's Contest - 2/5/2010, The Littlest Peen Contest - 2/5/2010, With a Burning Heart Contest - 2/7/2010, The Love Spelled Backwards is Love Challenge - 2/8/2010, 'Beyond Imagination' Contest - 2/12/2010, "For My Valentine" Twilight Love Story Contest - 2/13/2010, FML Contest - 2/15/2010, Oops! Your Cliche is Showing! Contest - 2/15/2010, Twific Auto Erotica Challenge - 2/15/2010, TwiSlash One-Shot Contest - 2/15/2010, The Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Cullen Contest - 2/17/2010, Hidden Mask Challenge - 2/28/2010, The Simple Slash Contest - 3/1/2010

Open for Voting or Nominations:

Golden Lemon Awards - Category Nominations through 1/17/2010

Silent Tear Awards Icon Challenge - Voting through 1/22/2010

Wrinkly Hearts Contest - Voting through 1/28/2010

Silent Tear Awards - Nominations Close 2/19/2010

Exercise your writing muscles by joining Workshop Fictionista's WitFit Challenge!

The Indie TwiFic Awards - Nominations Open 1/18/2010

Twific Gift Exchange - Gifts Delivered 1/18/2010

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  1. This isn't really related to this particular post, but I can't seem to find where I can send you a general message on this blog. Can I request an article? More and more, authors are pulling their fics from and twilighted, either due to plagiarism or to get it (self)published. Could you talk about this increasingly common phenonmenon and interview some of the authors (with the most popular stories) about their decisions, the repercussions and their opinions on this new trend in the fandom?

  2. Where the hale can I find the picture you use of Robert Pattinson for this article. It's fuckhot and I want to use it as a wallpaper and a little fantasy action...


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