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AuthorInterview: Seventeen Questions With BrattyVamp

Seventeen Questions With Bratty_Vamp!

Hey there. My name is Kat... aka Bratty_Vamp. I take credit for the stories Abbracciare Il Cantante, The Best Man, Toye, and I’m currently working on one called My Escort.

I started kicking it about a year and a half ago on the PattinsonLife Community on LJ. It was my first foray into the fandom, and I wanted a vampy screen-name. So I asked myself... What kind of vamp would I be? ‘Bratty’ was the immediate stand-out. Plus- Brat rhymes with Kat. So I get bonus points or something for that, I’m sure. (Smart-Ass_Vamp would have been a great second choice. But it lacked that whole previously mentioned rhyming thing.) I kept the same name, when some friends talked me into trying my hand at writing fanfic. And Bratty_Vamp looks uber-cool on the top of my VIP cabin over at AdifferentForest. So Yay! Go, me! Okay. Moving on now...

Seventeen Questions with....

1.What is your idea of the perfect story?
The perfect story, for me, is one that makes me feel. I don’t care if I am happy, sad, disgusted, or confused. I just want to FEEL something. (Unless it’s annoyed. I don’t like to be annoyed.) I literally want to be sucked into a story so that I can’t help it but to lose myself in the emotion or imagery that the story provides. Take me there.

2.Which individual (reader or writer) in the fandom do you most admire?
I hate questions like this. I can admire someone’s writing, but they might be a total douchebag in real life. I only really know a handful of people online... and I’d hate to name just one, when many of them are outstanding people with admirable qualities. I’ll just be general and say that I like honest and real people. I like GOOD people. I avoid gossip and catty bull-crap at all costs. And I admire readers and writers who do the same and respect my desire to stay away from things like that. Fanfic for me, is a fun hobby. I admire people who can keep things in perspective and have fun with it.

3.When writing, what are your little quirks?
I don’t like noise. I need peace and quiet so that nothing interferes with my ability to hear the voices in my head. LOL. I can’t stand listening to music when I write. I have a notebook with me at all times so I can jot things down when they come to mind. But other than that, I prefer to be upstairs, locked away in my bedroom when I write.

I also have to pretty much shut everything down, because I get distracted way too easily. I procrastinate like crazy.

4.What do you consider the most overrated attribute of Edward Cullen?
Hmm... Maybe his tendencies to be so damn goody-goody? Honorable, shmonorable. If I were Bella, I’d probably appreciate it if he’d loosen up a little!

5.What do you most dislike about your writing?
I am not a technical writer, at all. I consider myself more of a story-teller than a writer. I write like I speak. And I make up punctuation rules as I go.

6.Which character in FF do you feel the most empathy for?
I’m just going to say most Alices. People consistently make her a bouncing, meddlesome, dipshit. She doesn’t have to clap and squeal and shop endlessly. If I was more creative, I’d love to write a story up for her, because I think she could be really, really cool.

7.Under pain of death, would you read non canon or secondary parings?
I’ve read a LITTLE Bella/Jasper. It makes me feel icky. I am super vanilla with pairings. I just am. Loneliness Be Over by Pixievamp works with a really great Bella/Embry dynamic that I’ve never seen before. But even so... I’m a Bella/Edward girl at heart.

8.Who are your favorite writers? 
I gotta go with the lovely ladies Jandco and Jennyfly. I’ve said it before... but Jandco has a talent for making me FEEL like I am physically inside her stories. And Jennyfly paints such beautiful imagery with her words that I can SEE everything as though I am witnessing it first hand. They both pull me in to the worlds they create, and I love it! If they could have a fiction baby... I would explode with happiness.

9.What would you consider absolute torture to read?
Smut for smut’s sake. Drives me up the freaking wall. Don’t tell me that huge review numbers equal some literary brilliance when SO many times big reviews just equals shower-head masturbation material with no real story line to speak of. (Relax... I said ‘SO many times.’ NOT ‘Every time’.) Also... I don’t want to read slash. I guess that’s pretty much the same thing... I have no problem with homosexuality. But, as I said before, I’m very vanilla with my pairings.

10.Which words or phrases do you most overuse?
Gee... I’m not sure... does...punctuation...count?

Words or phrases? I probably overuse far too many. But I forget most of what I write almost immediately after I write it. So, I dunno!

11.If you could have written one story, what would it be?
It hasn’t been written yet. And I hope that I AM the one to write it.

12.If you were to die and come back as a character or place from the saga, what would it be?
I would come back as Bella, AFTER she’s a vamp. But can I nix the whole ‘mom’ thing? I mean... I enjoy being a Mom in my real life. But in this little pretend fantasy land, I’d just like to be hot, powerful, and get to have endless sex with Edward Cullen. K?

13.What is your favorite cliché?
“Favorite” implies that I like it, even though it’s used to death, eh? Gonna have to go with Mr. Edward Cullen’s “velvet voice” on this one. I don’t care how many times I read it or write it... it works for me.

14.What do you prefer in the stories you read?
I prefer stories that make me think. I might not like the characters or the situations involved, but I appreciate a story that makes me think about it, far after I click the little X in the corner.

15.On what occasion do you wish you could self insert in a story?
I wish I could hang out with any one of the ‘Jaspers’ I’ve ever written. Well... not the Jasper from Toye because he’d just eat me (and not in a good way.)

16.What will turn you off in a story?
I hate when miscommunication is run into the ground. TALK, damn it. I literally roll my eyes and click away from stories that let miscommunications go on for too long. A slight mis-understanding? Fine. Talk it out, move on. Don’t make me read 30 pages of whiney crap. Because guess what? I won’t.

17.Would you have forgiven Edward at the end of New Moon?

I can complain all I want about how easy it was for him to be forgiven. I can say that as a strong, independent woman, I would have given him a piece of my mind and a foot up his ass, then sent him on his way. But truthfully, I am a BIG believer in fate, and of soul mates. I’ve been in love exactly once in my life. I know that I am the type of person, who deep down, would have forgiven him and done my best to work past the pain that his leaving had caused.

Yes... I would have yelled at him. And I probably would have made him grovel. I’m good at that. But I would have forgiven him, because I would have known that we were meant to be together.
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