Monday, January 25, 2010

DrabblerScrambler: Emmett


Today's Drabbly Babblers

Drabble #1:

I pull up whole fir trees by their roots, one-handed. I wrestle pissed off grizzly bears for fun. Does Edward call me “Hercules,” or “Bad-Ass Vamp”?

When I beat Jasper again at eight-board chess, even with Alice telling him where I’m playing next, does he call me “Genius,” or “Reigning Chess King”?

Rosalie looks at me and I know she’s thinking about the thing I do when I kiss her there, tongue flat and slick with venom and love until her skin shimmers even at night, but does she call me “Lover-boy” or  “Stud”?

But I eat one fucking monkey…

Drabble #2:
“You know who’s hot?” Emmett proclaimed, stopping suddenly in the middle of the forest.

“Emmett.” Edward said, “No.”

“Who?” asked Jasper, looking between the two.


“Angela Weber?” Jasper asked.

Edward huffed with impatience. “Do we know another Angela?”

“Well, we knew that girl named Angie when we lived in Alaska. The one with the black hair?”

“Angela Weber has dark hair.” Emmett declared. “Anyway, I think she’s hot. Maybe it’s the glasses.”

“Yeah maybe,” Edward snorted and shot Jasper a look.

“Do you think Rose would wear glasses is I asked her to?”

The brothers exchanged another look. “Absolutely.”

Drabble #3:
 "Carlisle," Emmett murmured aloud one autumn morning, "Do you like Forks because it’s like England?"

 "Like England?"

"It's always raining."

"That's true."

"And what about tea? Do you miss high tea?"

"Admittedly, I have not missed tea." 

"What about ale?" Emmett pressed.

"Ale?" Carlisle smirked.

"Didn't you drink tea or ale?"

"We drank tea, by turns cider."

"Thought so."


"Explains things."

"Tell me, what'd your family swig?"

"Whatever Uncle Ennis brewed in his tub."


"When you were British, did you hate Irish people?"

"…I'm not sure how to answer that."

"No, it's alright. It's like the tea."

Drabble #4:
For the first time in years, Emmett was speechless. His brother always spent the night at Bella’s, but when he returned today, something was very different.

Edward smelled like sex. 

And he was smiling.

Did he finally get laid?

Edward rolled his eyes—but didn’t deny it.

Emmett’s jaw dropped. “Whoa, really? Holy shit!” He tried to tackle Edward in a hug, but he dodged him easily.

“I did not have sex,” he protested.

Emmett teased, “You’re practically glowing.” 

But instead of glowering like usual, Emmett watched in shock as an embarrassed smile lit up Edward’s face.

“We’re just… practicing…”

Think You Know That Drabbler?


  1. YAY! 4 of 4! Granted, I'd already known 2, the others were total style guesses. Go me!

    Now, I'm off to ponder why everyone did Vampmett for their prompt...

  2. oh fail.. ONE right.. I'm not even going to admit who it was.

    LOVED them all and AG is right.. how strange everyone wrote vampmett! TOO TOO funny though!

  3. I am embarassed because I got EzRocksAngel and PastichePen confused. Angel, please forgive me. I read your stuff all the time. And I just had the pleasure of meeting PastichePen in a WC a couple of times. Well, you guys have a similar style with the vamps. What can I say?


  4. Okay, monkey-Emmett made me laugh...

  5. Okay, even though I saw them ahead of him, I almost confused Pastiche and Angel (yeah, it's Monday)... but I know Pastiche's em dashes tooooooooo well to not recognize them =) Damn, actually, I beta for three of these people. It would have been a shame if I'd gotten any of them wrong. Haha.

    It really is curious that everyone picked Vampmett - but it goes with the idea (which I've discussed with both Legna and LVP) that drabbles really lend themselves particularly well to exploring Canon/AU.

    Thanks for playing, everyone!! =)

  6. Heh. Elle. Rachel used an emdash toooo!

    Although she's such a fluffy bunny that I think it's obvious...

    And it's funny that people are confusing Angel and me--because Angel's is very obvious to me.



  7. ummm - it's Em, how can you not have a hair fetish.

    I'll expect continuations of all this in my gmail box later this week ladies - kthxbai.

  8. i am honored to be confused with any of these girls--ever! i love vampmett...but i think that's probably predictable.

  9. I think SM must have a hair fetish -- all of the Cullen boys have fetishable hair, for sure.

    Rachel em dashes are different from your em dashes, P. Obvs.

  10. i have no clue. 1/4 right. I guessed Angel, but it was pure luck. I suck.

    When I'm reading, I honestly seldom remember who the writer is. I don;t think i could name a single writing quirk amongst any of them.

    Now I wanna do this. Do I have any 'tells?' Hmm.

  11. @SP Figuring out your own "tells" is a hilarious process. Although sometimes your beta is better at pointing it out than you are. I can always tell AG's writing, for example. Just like Elle has me nailed on emdashes...

  12. Whoa. 4 for 4.

    I loved these. Emmett is like a treasure chest of material.

    Thank you these, ladies!

  13. I suck - I only got In The Blue Bathrobe one right. The rest confused me :(

  14. Pastiche - Fluffy bunny? I see how it is.

    But actually I thought mine would be obvious because I finished it before I realized I kind of made Edward the main part. *Shrugs*

  15. @vowless idiot - you once made me read the one-shot where they were bff babies who grew to love each other over the course of their lives.

    there were at least 20 coo-points.

    it doesnt get fluffier that that.

    so, yes, FLUFFY BUNNY.

  16. Yay, 4 for 4!

    Rach, while you write good angst, I gotta go with Pastiche on this. Fluffy Bunny. Yours was the first one I guessed.

    These are so fun.

  17. i enjoyed the Edwardness of that post. it took a lot for me not to go there. you note though i still added him.

  18. lol, only 2 out of 4. They were great ladies, *chuckle*

  19. honestly, i find the drabble to be an interesting way to see how our minds work. like a psychological test.

    i think we all fail.


    It's just so precious.

  21. This was a lot of fun.

    I got Angel right away, which makes sense. Her punctuation marks just scream out to me. Ha. I messed up on Rachel though. I knew it was one of the last two but the England references ended up tricking me.

  22. lol! I love the little moment in the last one!


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