Friday, January 22, 2010

Fandom News - 1/22

Voting for I Get Off in Volterra Contest Begins

Voting for Silent Tear Awards Icon Challenge Ends

Deadline to Submit Entries to Write for the Other Team Contest

Winners for A Picture is Worth a 1000 Words Contest Announced Today

Nothing on the Calendar today!

Nominations for theThe Indie TwiFic Awards End

Voting for Wrinkly Hearts Contest Ends

Deadline to Submit Entries to Birds and Bees Writing Challenge

Voting for I Get Off in Volterra Contest Ends

Voting for Write for the Other Team Contest Ends

Ongoing Contests, Open for Submission:

I Get Off in Volterra Contest - 1/22/2010, Devirginizing Edward - 1/30/2010, The Eve Arden Awards - 1/30/2010, Cullens Incarcerated Contest - 1/31/2010, Team SOB "The Rain Scene" Challenge - 1/31/2010, The Forgotten Femmes Anonymous Contest - 1/31/2010, TwilightTeamDILF Contest - 1/31/2010, To Kill a Cullen Contest - 2/2/2010, Bring Out Your Cheesy Contest - 2/3/2010, Will You Marry Me Contest - 2/4/2010, Love Bites Anonymous Lovers Scorned Valentine's Contest - 2/5/2010, The Littlest Peen Contest - 2/5/2010, P.I.C's Two's Company, Three's a Party Polyamorous Contest - 2/7/2010, With a Burning Heart Contest - 2/7/2010, The Love Spelled Backwards is Love Challenge - 2/8/2010, Doctor, Doctor! Contest - 2/10/2010, Beyond Imagination' Contest - 2/12/2010, For My Valentine Twilight Love Story Contest - 2/13/2010, What's Love Got To Do With It? Anti-Valentine's Day Contest - 2/14/2010, FML Contest - 2/15/2010, Oops! Your Cliche is Showing! Contest - 2/15/2010, Twific Auto Erotica Challenge - 2/15/2010, TwiSlash One-Shot Contest - 2/15/2010, The Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Cullen Contest - 2/17/2010, Greasers and Dolls Contest - 2/28/2010, Hidden Mask Challenge - 2/28/2010, TwiSlash One-shot Contest - 2/28/2010, - 3/1/2010, No Bella Allowed Contest - 3/1/2010, Show Us Your Dark Side Contest - 3/1/2010, The Simple Slash Contest - 3/1/2010, The Green Feeling Anon Contest - 3/8/2010

Open for Voting or Nominations:

Nominations for the Golden Lemon Awards end 2/2

Nominations for the Silent Tear Awards end 2/19

Voting for The Perv Pack's "An Officer and a Gentleman" is Ongoing

Voting for Twi-High Anonymous Challenge Ends 2/1

Voting for To Go Amongst Mad People Contest Ends 1/30

Exercise your writing muscles by joining Workshop Fictionista's WitFit Challenge!

Twific Gift Exchange - Gifts Started Being Delivered last week

Kassiah, a Fictionator, recently wrote a O/S for FFFA, Lockersecks and Candy. with sex. up against a locker. and candy. She hopes everyone joins in the TwiFans for Haiti relief efforts.

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  1. Love Park also finished this week. So good!


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