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GuestFicRec: La Nina Talks Serious


I have to start this with a blunt statement…I don't normally ‘do’ angst, my brain repels it. I search for snark, witty banter and smut. I’m being honest.

Furthermore, I don’t normally read ‘dark’ fics.

So why the Hale am I asking you to read this dark, angsty story? Because it’s my new brand of fic crack and I’m finding myself obsessing over it in true Ninalike masochistic fashion.

What will his first word be.

A genuinely haunting, AU gem with an original plot (how hard are those to find!) that has so far been an intense emotional rollercoaster and even though I am a staunch member of the anti-angst, fluffy, smutty, all roads lead to a happy ending kind of girl this story has me at the edge of my friggin’ seat and dying for the drama to ensue!

What will his first word be.

It started for me with the summary. Holy shit does it break your heart. Severely broken is right. Malnourished, filthy, covered in wounds, literally scared silent and in a state of constant trembles is more accurate. Knowing while reading this synopsis that our dear, beloved Edward is the damaged near death vampire makes it that much more interesting and enthralling but also that much more heartbreaking.

Vampire in the Basement isn’t able to fall back on the staple characterizations of canon Edward and his sparkling topaz eyes, the constantly regurgitated sexy, disheveled bronze hair and his staggering good looks. Oh and don’t forget his uncanny ability to dazzle the panties off of Bella with a simple glance. Nope none of that.

So what do you have instead of panty-dropping Eddie to draw you in?

You have Michelle’s powerful descriptions of his emaciated form, the tremors, the palpable fear that he’s exhibiting through his different types of growls and the horrific account in Bella’s words, of all of the physical damage leaving him vulnerable and a shell of what I’m sure he ‘was’. The mental picture of a tragically frail Edward, growling and shaking as he cowers in the fetal position in the corner is just a fraction of why this story sticks in your craw and makes you Jones for an update.

Then there is Bella.

Their relationship is wonderfully done in regards to the similarities to canon Bella and her sheer inability to have any sense of self-preservation. Though she’s slightly hesitant as explained only in her inner dialogue, she is still outwardly sporting a fierce determination to protect her vampire.

Their dynamic is such a great spin in regards to having her being the protector and him being the victim. The connection between them is so intense and she’s still just trying to gain his trust and figure out what the hell happened to him. And, I’d be lying if I didn’t mention that the hopeless romantic in all of us is wishing for her to be his savior in more ways than one.

What will his first word be.

It’s a slow build up, which honestly is the foundation for this story; it’s not a wham-bam-thank-you-ma’am tale. It in no way is rushed, and shoddy instead the emotions are palpable throughout. Each scene is simply done yet completely captivating. But don’t be fooled, it isn’t just about Edward and Bella (I know that’s blasphemous!).

The rest of the Cullen family plays an integral role in this as well. The visions from Alice being the key in them allowing Bella to stay with him in the basement while they figure out what course of action to take, then you have poor Jasper. He’s desperately trying to help with his empathic abilities but alas poor Eddie’s too traumatized and in turn backfires and leaves Jasper an emotional wreck and in need of an escape.

It’s the simple details in this though that really keeps you yearning for more. The thread and the reviews have turned into a veritable pot of conspiracy theories. Why is he so broken, what rotten piece of &*^T%$# did this to him (the bracelet!), is he going to try and attack her, and most importantly, well at least in my opinion…

What will his first word be.

I implore you to read it. Take it from someone that doesn’t normally read this genre, for me to read something out of my normal realm it has to be good. I swear on all things Carlisle, you’ll love it.

Simply put, Ninapolitan is the bitch all the Perv Pack women long to be. She has a sex life the Denali sisters are jealous of and the ability to bring together the fanny with the funny with her stories. She can have Edward smack Jake with a hotdog and look damn fine doing it. Her students dream about her, their father’s lust after her, and she flashes a little more leg as she walks by the prudes who hate her. Most importantly she is the Hot Bitch that lusts after the Hot Bitch.
*Author's blurb written by PPSS originals, Fiberkitty and Pippapear*


  1. Okay, to start of with, this description is already making my heart clench and it is opening on the other tab, except my internet is so fucking slow that it's taking ages.

    Why I commented, though, was because at the top of the post, where the picture layout thing is, it seems to be a little in the wrong order:

    Genre: M

    Length: AU

    I know it's just a mistake, but I thought you guys should know so that you can change it :)

  2. What a stellar review, Nina! Thanks to the fine folks of TLYDF for having you here.

    My curiosity is certainly piqued by this review and have already bookmarked the link. I can't wait to sink my teeth into this fic! What will his first word be...

    Oh, and the author's blurb? True. Every word. We all want to be Nina. ;)

  3. Now - I couldn't tell - but are you most interested to hear what his first word will be?? :D

    Great review, Nina, and if you and your non-angst heart likes this, then I will give it a try. Us sensitive souls need to stick together.

    And, yes, I agree with Lu. But, if we can't *be* you, maybe we can be *on* you instead. :wink:

  4. I really like this story - so y'all should read it. I normally hate fluffy bull shit - but I've had to amend that cuz I realized its okay if its dark fluff - cuz there's a mystery - and the author promises to do her research (though I still expect Jane sex, michellephants), so go check it out. And yay to Nina for a'reccin.

  5. Oh cripes. I am going to get hooked on another Nina recc & spend all night reading it instead of:
    A) sleeping
    B) Working
    C) Making myself pretty
    D) Having a life
    Ta Nina! - This sounds awesome, almost as awesome as you... But not quite...

  6. Gah, I'm reading this now Nina and seriously loving it. You're right, the pace is almost agonizing, but at the same time so so perfect. Excellent review BTW.


  7. Is this only up on Twilighted?

  8. Hello,

    This fic seems to be everywhere lately! I have had about a million people rec it to me in the past week or so. I'm usually wary about trying out new fics, not because I don't think they will be good. On the contrary, I think they will be great and I will have to add yet another fic to me already too long list of stories on alert.

    I need to just bite the bullet and give it a go. The last fic I read on a rec was "Wide Awake," which is brilliant.

    Thanks for writing this rec Nina.


  9. found it

  10. This is one of my favorite stories at the moment, and I read an awful lot of them

  11. OMC!!! I absolutely love this story I read all 10 current chapters in 1 day and now I'm completely on tenterhooks for the next post. It is so brilliant!


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