Sunday, March 22, 2009

Affiliates: TwiCon 2009 FanFiction Contest

If you haven't heard about TwiCon 2009 -- y'all have been under a rock. It's a huge "Con" for Twilight happening in Dallas, TX from July 31 through August 2nd.

Our very own Twilighted Mother, Psymom, is coordinating a HUGE FanFiction contest for the event. Details Below:

Call for Papers: TwiCon 2009 Fanfiction Contest

Centennial Sunset: Edward and Bella’s Happily Ever After

Submissions Coordinator: Elizabeth I. Harper, Ph.D. (AKA psymom from

Deadline for Submissions: 30 May 2009

The Twilight Saga is complete, and Edward and Bella have finally reached their happily ever after. Their future is bright with endless possibilities, but it is certain that their adventures are not over. In addition to the joys of marriage, they have a child to raise, new alliances and relationships to forge and develop, and the never-ending pressure of the Volturi’s next move. The Cullens are poised to become a leading force in the vampire world, and their morals and ethics demand that they not stand idly by any longer.

Look ahead to Edward and Bella’s Centennial Anniversary, 100 years after the events of Breaking Dawn &em; what is their life like? How has their relationship changed? Where have they lived and what have they endured? How are the werewolves and how have they played out their part in this life? Has the face and fate of the Cullen family changed as they come to the close of their first century together?

In 3000 words or less, give us Bella’s story of the years following their wedding, the birth of their daughter, and the confrontation with the Volturi. Let her tell us about each of the members of their family and friends, their contributions to shaping their current life, and the prospects for the future. Explore the possibilities of what the Cullens’ destiny will be, with a focus on the one thing that has gotten them through their many trials and tribulations�Love.

See HERE for the Official Rules

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