Wednesday, March 4, 2009

FicDive: Click, Click, Click...

We warened you and now our first Guest Divers are BACK...Have a look at their pearls!

Diver Alias: Simone, Searcher of Subtlety (AKA Jandco)
Mission: Subtlety

The Pearl: Fever, I Know Your Face Like a Dove by apresmoi and yoursolaceSummary: During the summer between her junior and senior year, Bella contracts a flu, leaving Edward to nurse her in her impaired state.
Completed One Shot – Twilight - PG-13 – Published - 10/31/08
Why I Read This: I liked the title, I’m shallow like that…but I was beyond pleasantly surprised by this one. We’ve all seen the concept many times before, but this one has these subtle, brilliant…things that I completely fell in love with… There is no doucheward, there is no smut, but there is indeed quality. Read between the lines in this one, the illness plot is just the surface. There all of these things expressed perfectly...but never even addressed at all. It’s beyond lovely.

Diver Alias: Wine Popping Screw Diver (AKA gallantcorkscrews)
Mission: Sorry Charlie!
Parameters: Charle + Humor

The Pearl: Edward's True Love by StalkingForChocolate
Summary: This is a joke about Edward x Charlie. Or in other words - Chedward. Edward and Charlie come to terms with their relationship. Complete - Twilight - Fiction Rated: M - Humor/Romance - Chapters: 1 - Words: 996 - Reviews: 14 - Updated: 7-1-08 - Published: 7-1-08

Why I Read This: Twilight does not have a lot of parodies. Don't get me wrong- I love love. I love moonlit walks on the beach, star crossed lovers, and earnest touching. And I love serious explorations of adult/adolescent relationships. But sometimes I just want to snort. I mean- this is a genre about sparkly vampires. Where's the camp in this fandom? So when I see a little drabble about "Edward's True Love", which is Charlie, I cackle and want to text all of my friends. Plus, when Charlie and Edward start to embrace their feelings, this crackfic reads like the beginning of a classic bad one shot. If Charlie was replaced with the name "Bella", this would probably get a lot more reviews.

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