Saturday, January 3, 2009

Essay: So Sorry....

Yes, yes...I know we were suppose to have an article on Thursday, but alas, it did not happen. New Year's was too strong of a siren call...sigh. However, we do have an amazing Guest Blog Rec tomorrow, so please check back in!

So, after these holidays, we will be on a more regular schedule and have some fairly interesting things planned coming up!

I have been getting some emails regarding the comments on here. I think we have it all fixed, but if you still are unable to comment, please email me at

I am pleased to say that this Blog has reached a great success, mostly through the word of mouth. The authors we have featured have experienced an increase in readership and I can't tell you how lovely the emails of gratitude from the authors have been. Also, readers, like many of you on here, have found wonderful pieces of work to lose themselves in for free! What's better than that?

So I hope you all have had a Happy New Year and I tip my Grey Goose filled glass to the promise of 2009 and fandom!

Smellyia is an administrator for this blog and has written three stories, Disaffected, When We Drove All Night and Congratulations, for the Twilight fandom. She also has written two original shorts for Twilighted contests, This I Can Do For You and Priorities. Her overly dramatic work life is only tolerable by the time she spends vicariously living her writing dreams in fandom.
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