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Admin Rec: Smellyia

I must apologize to those of you who read Disaffected and saw in my AN that cdunbar was the GB for this week. She is not. Oops. She is next week. My profuse apologies for my infinite bad.

Author: hotandcold on FF/fireandice on Twilighted
Story: Love and Gravity (L&G for the truly Lazy)
Status: WIP
Rating: Teen
Chapters: 2
Published/Updated: 1/08/09, 1/09/09
Genre/Sub-Genre: AU, Romance
Summary: Two years after Jacob ran off at the end of Eclipse, a stranger shows up in La Push looking for answers. She finds the Quileutes and a place to call home. She also finds out she has special “gifts” that ties her to the Quileutes and, ultimately, Jacob.

Love and Gravity on FF
Twilighted Thread for L&G

Smellyia's Recommendation:

On this rainy Saturday evening, I am sitting in my batcave, my husband and cousin watching the Titans scramble to keep their playoff position and nursing a glass of Grey Goose while my behemoth (90 pounds of canine asshole) English Pointer, Newman, thinks my cousin's English Setter puppy is his new pet. Newman, in his scarily human-like manner, has already approached me in between stampedes to request with his eyes if he can keep the visiting puppy that is now eating one of my favorite pairs of Vans. I point to my laptop screen, indicating this rec is due in less than six hours and shake my head no. He huffs at me and with a turn of his regal snout, resumes chasing an eight pound puppy that will most assuredly put the smack down on the larger foe. I hang my head in shame.

But now I am left alone and I can finish two chapters of one of the most interesting takes on the Quileute's I have seen in a long time. Yes, I know. This is a new story. So what am I doing rec'ing it, you might ask. Well, I have a few answers for you on that note.

My biggest motivator for making this my feature is the burgeoning plot line. I know it's only two chapters in, but the originality I am already seeing the potential for, has me begging for the next update. From what I understand, this is a Cullen-less story featuring just the Quileutes. GASPS! And oh, so refreshing. I think many authors are less hesitant to venture into these lands because, well, the Cullens are what get the reviews and public validation. Any author willing to go with the “less popular” story lines and characters, deserves nothing but respect for their creative gumption to go against the mold. Now personally, I adore well done Leah fics, so my attraction to this is to be expected, but I think if y'all give it a chance, you may be surprised. Really, it's a lovely addition to your fandom experience when you open up avenues for roads less traveled.

The story starts off with an interesting prologue featuring Jacob, two years after after he has taken off in Eclipse. He is in the Canadian Wilderness and is planning his return home. Now let me interject here that I know Jacob is not everybody's favorite character and I was very hesitant starting this myself. However, with the Bella/Edward equation removed, I am already warming up to a story featuring this misbegotten werewolf sans Bella or her negligently named demon spawn. I am desperately hoping it stays this way and have been assured so.

The first two chapters focus on an OC named Maura (lovely & pronounceable unlike the horrific canon manifestation of Jacob's mate). Through a third person point of view, we are given a glimpse of what this girl is doing in La Push. What I gather from the limited work available is that Maura is searching for the Quileute Shape-shifters and has recognized them, immediately identifying them as a “pack”. Her motivation for doing this seems to stem from a personal journey, one that has impacted her love life and her family one. Already, I am expecting a heart fail with those two bits included. Maura also seems to be plagued with these curious headaches and a penchant for talking to herself, although, I think the self dialog is more along the lines of a quirk rather than some sort of mania. Either way, I can appreciate it – I have a bit of a soft spot for the “touched in the head”. The author also alludes to a past riff with her parents stemming from some unresolved presumptive mental issue. Again, I'm already wanting to know more. Needless to say, I think you all gather that I am a fan of a well done OC. I've mentioned them before and when I am blessed with a non-Mary Sue, it's like my eighth Christmas where I got a She-Ra Castle all over again.

As for styling, I think her writing is light and smooth. In just two chapters, hotandcold has set up an OC characterization, stayed in canon with the Quileutes already introduced and has me asking questions about different situations. One of my favorite parts is when Maura is sitting in the diner Emily runs and is asked if she is from Forks. Leah, staying true to SM's angry portrayal, but with a better panache than SM ever had, emphatically states that she doesn't “trust girls-people from Forks.” I snorted, diet coke going up the wrong pipe and all. The mix of plot, self deprecating dialog and simple, yet effective, lines makes this story a true joy to read.

Now, since this is only two chapters in, let me tell you what I do know. This is devoid of the Cullens (FIST PUMP-don't get me wrong, I write the Cullens, I love the Cullens, but every so often it's nice to stray from the norm, hence my Severus Snape obsession). Jacob is coming home after two years post Eclipse. Leah is still in La Push and...well I'm not sharing that bit, you can read it for yourself. That's about it. Let's move on to what I suspect and hope for. I suspect Jacob and Maura may be more than casual acquaintances (Gods I plead for this!). Perhaps we will get a 'What happened to the Cullens' bit. I am praying for some scathing Bella remarks. Hopefully, Leah will be more than the angry young shit-out-of-luck girl we were forced to stomach in the series. I am begging for one helluva interesting backstory for Maura; I want to see why, when, what, where and how on this. So with my fingers crossed and my alerts set, I await patiently (tapping fingers) for whatever hotandcold has planned.

As I write this rec, the fic is only two days old in posting land, and has but three reviews, two of which belong to me. Talk about underground. So I beg you all, step out of your comfort zone, read something that isn't steeped in the much overdone Edward/Bella/Jake triangle and let Maura steal your heart. Oh, and don't forget to review because that's the nice thing to do. This militant hippie begs it of you.

Smellyia is an Admin for this blog who writes the constant heart fail WIP Disaffected. Her completed stories, When We Drove All Night, Congratulations and two original works are posted on FF and Twilighted. She is currently snuggled up in her infamous batcave with a glass of Grey Goose, her trusty iPhone, her favorite Severus Snape/Hermione Granger fic and a pack of smokes. It is a charmed life she leads.
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  1. Woohoo! I'm so glad that you're reccing this, Smellyia. This is already one of my favorite werewolf stories evah, and we're only on chapter two. I'm so glad I'm not the only one sensing that this story is going to be majorly awesome.

    Oh, and, this story is/was underground? This makes me feel like one of the cool indie kids who knows about the great stuff before everyone else. :P

  2. I am so glad angel turned me on to it! This has got to be the most refreshing take on the Quileutes I have read in a very long time. I like how it seems to be encompassing more than just the basic charaacters of the pack. I am getting new dimensions even in her 3rd chapter post!

    Underground, in the know, ahead of the game...girl you are all of that. :D.

  3. Well, I'm a known hater of Jacob and all thing wolf so I was totally skeptical. Of course this is fabulous and i felt compelled to share with Smellyia as this is definitely different and a fic of its own kind AND something we would kind of not read if we just came across it I think...

    hope you all enjoy!

  4. Ahh.. so YOU'RE the reason for the spike in my story stats. I was wondering...

    I'm not really a Jacob person, but I'll be sure to check this out. You write such great recs, I can't refuse reading them. :P

  5. GIVE IT A CHANCE...I am a Jacob pessimist as well, but already, I'm kinda hooked.


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