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Guest FicRec: Geek Goddess Does Resident Rec...

Author: EclipsedbyJacob
Story: Changing Sides (FF) / Choosing Sides (Twilighted)
Status: WIP
Rating: Mature/NC-17
Chapters: 15, 53,245 words
Published/Updated: 09-26-08 / 12-29-08
Genre/Sub-Genre: AU, Bella's already a vampire
Summary: Bella works for the Volturi as chief interrogator. She passes her days toying with the souls of the lost, hearing their confessions before wiping them away. At night she toys with the heart of a fellow member of the elite Guard. But soon she will meet a vampire that will change her life forever. Is she willing to accept these feelings? Can finding love cause Bella to leave behind the only world she's ever known? Or are some times unbreakable?

Changing Sides by EclipsedbyJacob

Changing Sides on Twilighted Forum

Cdunbar's Recommendation:

What drew me to this story initially was the idea of Bella being… evil, really, by torturing other vampires, voluntarily being a part of the Volturi, and never thinking twice about drinking human blood. Almost all of the stories I currently read portray Bella as the 'girl next door' or the 'strong, independent woman', but not one of them has gone to such an extreme as this author has. Now I know we all have our secret love of Dark Edward, but a Dark Bella is just as satisfying to me. She has chosen a path for herself that she finds little happiness in, but she thinks she's happy because that's all she has known.

The story opens on a scene of torture. Bella torturing Alice, that is. As you continue to read, you find that Bella is best friends with Jane and is involved in a sexual relationship with Felix. But something keeps bringing her thoughts back to Alice. She starts to have a conscience. And that's when the story really takes off.

What I love is that even as you read about Bella doing all of these awful things and acting in a completely opposite manner than how she's portrayed in the books, the author writes her in a way that she still resembles the Bella we all know. She's just a twisted, lost Bella who needs to find her place in the world, or rather, needs to find the person who can show her the place. You care about her, even when she's at her darkest.

It's a fast-paced story – action packed, but still showing the build up of Bella and Edward's relationship in a believable time frame. (And as an added bonus for us non-canon pairing readers, there's a great scene between Bella and Carlisle that occurred back when Carlisle was with the Volturi!) So take an hour or two to read about how Bella develops a conscience, finds love, and the effect that has on her, the Cullen family, and the Volturi. Believe me, after reading this, you will never look at Bella the same way. Cheers!

Cdunbar is noted for her wonderful and original characterization of Geekward in Resident Geek, amongst her many other available works. Besides just being absolutely lovely, she is a master at all things "geek" and many of us would be remiss without her interwebs skills. She is also a host on the Temptation, A Twilight Fanfiction Podcast Blog.
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  1. I'm sooooo glad you're recommending this one, because I've been reading along the entire time and I love it.

  2. Gah. That review could have been sooo much better.

    Just... everyone go read it.

    Right now.

    And eclipsedbyjacob, if you happen to see this - I'm dying a little every day when I don't see that you've updated.

  3. I've always liked this one. I'm glad you're recc'ing it!


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