Sunday, January 11, 2009

Affiliates: The Eddies & Bellies

Oh my. WTVOC & Limona have a treat for you.

They have started The Eddie Awards & The Bellie Awards.

The Eddies are an Award, three categories, given out based on excellence, nominations and a judging panel.

The Bellies are the Eddies' light-hearted companion. With hilarious categories such as "Best Emo Fic" and "Edward You Wish Was Your Boyfriend". I am personally loveing the Emo one...but that is no surprise. I have about ten fics I'd like to nom for that one!

Nominations are now through Jan 25. Voting begins Feb 8th and the winners will be announced Feb 22nd.

So go on with you eager and bad selves and nominate!

The Eddie Awards & The Bellie Awards


  1. The strange thing is that these awards don't have any (serious) category for medium-length stories. I was going to nominate Minisinoo's "Cowboys and Indians" but I can't. I did let the creator know that. I think it's a pretty serious oversight.

  2. Oh noes. I didn't even notice...Does C&I fit in the three main categories at all?

    Because really, minisinoo is the best in our fandom.


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