Saturday, January 17, 2009

Editorial: I Owe Some Serious Thanks

SOOOOO...This is just an itty bitty blurb about TLYDF stats.

I had no idea.


The followers list says 107 right now.

The stats program I just got from dear emibella just gave a clue as to how many people read this.

In the one day I have stats for...there were over 600 hits.

600. In one day.

I think I died ded. And it had nothing to do with being Done like Dee on Battlestar Galactica tonight. (Done like Dee is forever in my mind copyrighted by the lovely upthedownslide...if you are a BSG acolyte, you understand).

What hit me was where you all are from...all of us with so much in common from everywhere...I wanted to jump for joy seeing my fellow Tennesseans reading. I voraciously searched for my Bay Area homies...yeah, I used to go to Great America back in the day. People from my hometown read this. People from my current town read this. Gods, I wonder if we've stood in line next to each other at Whole Foods?

I consider this hugely extravagant number for this fledgling blog a HUGE SUCCESS. It's amazing to me that you all come our dribble and spend your precious free time on us. It is an honor to host you all and we will strive to do new and different things to keep you entertained and not waste your time.

So what do I have on deck for you?

~The eloquent and lovely cdunbar is our GB for Sunday...

~I won't tell you who (I gotta keep you checking in right?), but keep an eye out for our first GB article this Thursday. I guarantee the name is familiar ;).

~As I posted yesterday, we will be doing published author recs...because books are the literature of our souls!

~I have a number of "columns" that are in the works *wink-youknowwhoyouare* that will hopefully be unveiled very soon.

~Perhaps some alternate perspectives and rec'd author followup interviews

~Articles about the craft with corresponding recs....I'm trying to get emibella to wax rhapsodic on her rhetoric expertise ;).

~Shameless begging for you to spread the word *hint hint*. I do what I must.

Because she makes me feel even more feminist and hippie in the most elegant way possible.
So...we have some great themes and interesting perspectives coming best friend, Google Calendar, is filled out halfway through February.

Again, please allow me this chance to say how much we appreciate your support. This was a tiny idea that has metamorphed into a labor of love. We really do believe in our mission here and are beyond ecstatic that you all have joined us for this as a reviewer once so eloquently told me - I leave you with the simple, but most powerful words that I have...Thank You.

And to the girls who have indulged me in my crazy notions and have perpetuated my soap box idealistic behavior....AngstGoddess, angel, emibella, marve, wtvoc, jandco, tnuccio, Avalonia, jword, le jen, and last BUT never least - siDEADde. You all made this happen. On the sweat of your backs and our gchat boxes has this been the made into the greatest pleasure of all. The GB's and our affiliates...Twilighted, Temptation, Perve's and The Eddies....thank you for the support and the assistance.



  1. Awe, I want to run into you in line at whole foods and then sit cross legged on your floor and drink tea like the hippie that I am.
    This blog makes me get the warm fuzzies all over. You don't know how much. I am writing for you. Waxing as poetically as I can. Our language is our gift, that we are using it as our hobby, as our entertainment and as our soul's fertilizer makes us truly lucky and ultimately more fulfilled. Rhetoric is joyful. Forget it not.
    OH AND
    THE STATS ARE INSANE! Like, 15 countries? Wow. I love you all. The world truly is small and we are all connected. Hold my hand, hippie, you know you want to. It's soft, I use organic lotion that has not been tested on the little bunnies.

  2. "Done like Dee," I know that you know that I got that (and you should also know that I spilled beer all over myself and yelled at the television when it happened... WHY?!)

    But you should also know that I love the blog and am in no way or why surprised by the no. of hits.

  3. Really....I almost caught flies with how much my mouth hung open. And I KNOW PASTICHE....dude. 9 more left!

    Emi..."soul's fertilizer" speak such poetry. And I would hold your hand any day while drinking fair trade Cranberry Blood Orange Tea from Africa. Is what we will do when I go to Chicago.

  4. Stats are always fun to see, and I get all warm and tingly seeing bar graphs. You know this, girlfriend. Seriously. Stop making me wanna go log in again to see it all purdyfull and lined up in glorious organization.

    TLYDF is all the buzz. Did I tell you yet that I already have my next rec? It's insane.

    Gogole calendar has me ALL aquiver. I need to add a gadget thingy. I have one tested on my blog, but I think I fucked it up rather thoroughly. Oops. Will try.

    Loving the ideas, and I'm still excited for the next Lazy Ficster project.

  5. Hey! i live in the bay area.. that's pretty cool that you used to live here!!

    i love the blog and all of you that are affiliated with it!! seriously.. you guys are some of the best writers fanfics have to offer!! i'd gladly purchase all of your published works. :)


    and by the way... i have no back sweat. am brown. brown does not sweat in ugly places.

  7. I told you to watch it and Done Like Dee goves you nothing. NOTHING. Do not blame me for your tardiness. WATCH YOUR EFFING TIVO WOMAN.

    TLYDF has been a fantastic thing. I'm thrilled by it's success....

    And yes, now I am a Nashvillian, but I used to be a Milpitas homeslice....miss those days man. But I travel there many times a year ;). Must see the Brown afterall.

  8. <----is eating brown snacks as she types

  9. That was a very low blow my friend. I hope you are typing something for this blog other than that comment.

  10. Thank YOU, Amelia and fellow blog admins, for taking an ideal and putting the work in to make it a reality. Can't say more, don't have the right words, but it's getting to connect with people like you that make being part of this fandom SO worthwhile.

  11. well said, avalonia. i imagine that like, smellyia goes around sticking needles in people, then blogs, hollers at doctors in twang, then harasses her future bloggers via iphone, then dreams about brown yums, then does more blogging. she is machine. i dunno how she does this multitasking AND updates.

    and as for bringing people together... 'tis a beautiful thing. i always try to do my part to bring not-recognized fics to the others, and that works. but nothing like on the scale seen here. it's amazing.

    all of you ladies are amazing.

  12. is you watching me like Big Brother. you know my movements so intimately. is that you in my bushes?

  13. You do good work, ladies. It shows. That's why people follow it!

  14. 82,616 when I post this comment.


    Just .. wow.

    Who would have thought, that fateful night when we slapped this together that would have happened?? I think soon another post of thanks is in order.

    I love all of my ladies <3


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