Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Affiliates: New Links!

First...we are proud to announce our affiliation with Temptation: A Twilight Fanfiction Podcast hosted by moon.witches, Rialle/DQRC, The Romanticidal Edwardian and cdunbar...all of these ladies write amazing stories and now they have decided to take their fic meanderings to the streets with this podcast! They will be discussing fic, authors, interviews, fanfic topics and much more. I urge you all to meander over to our Links and take a peek at this fantastic added bonus to our fandom!

Another bit of business is The Twilight Awards...There are loads of great nominations and I hope everyone gets a chance to read a few! The link is on the side bar.


  1. Hey! You mentioned us!

    I love you guys... I just do.

    Thanks for the shout out!

  2. As we love you!

    Your blog is fantastic. The podcasts are lovely and it's so nice to put a voice to the name.

    It's our priviledge and pleasure to be in the company of you gals!


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