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Author: Minerva-one
Story: Bittersweet Hurt
Status: WIP
Rating: M
Genre/Subgenre: AU/OOC Drama
Chapters: 9, 24,556 words
Published/Updated: Jan 26, 2008/Nov 16, 2008
Summary: Carlisle/Edward. This story examines the reasons why Carlisle made Edward a vampire - and the subsequent effect on their lives - the desire, the chaos, the hurt, the regret. Warning -- There will be sexual scenes. Drama, Angst, Desire, Sex, Slash
Story link: Bittersweet Hurt
Forum link: Bittersweet Hurt Twilighted Thread
AngstGoddess003's Rec:

Yes, my first rec is smutty Bromance. Stop eyeing me funny. You know you all love the E/C.

In the vast world of Twilight fan fiction, it can be a very difficult task to find a "Slash" fic that is even remotely tastefully done. I came across this fic one evening, and my immediate thoughts were "Hmm."

Excerpt: Edward stared at the keys of the piano as he continued to wipe sweat from his face. Carlisle could only stand frozen in place, watching this human boy, this perfect human boy, performing the most menial of tasks, and yet it was the most breathtaking thing Carlisle thought he had ever seen in his long years on Earth.
And at that moment, Carlisle understood precisely why he bothered to keep his compassion for the human race. It was for this boy alone.

It's OOC, but that's a big 'Duh' moment, obviously, seeing as how Edward and Carlisle are… together. If you can get past that, and onto the second chapter of the story, you learn more about why Carlisle decided to change Edward. There are some deviations from the canon plot line. Like, for instance, Edward's parents have already died from the influenza. There's also this annoying thing with vampire tears that always seems to bother me, but so many authors do that and unfortunately there's…

I digress…

Anyways, I was disillusioned from my past forays into various fics that delved into a… rather disturbing portrayal of Edward/Carlisle relationships. I was tired of the smut. Okay, so that's a lie. I loved the smut, but I wanted more emotion. Make me cry, damn it!

By the third chapter of this fic, I was intrigued. Like, seriously, furrowing my brows at the screen and pursing my lips for Edward's change. Carlisle had never taken human blood before and he was struggling with it. It was a glimpse at a very canon issue that I was thankful for.

Excerpt: Edward's blood had rejuvenated his body and spirit. They were a part of each other now, and always would be.

I sigh.

Edward then awakens and discovers his talent for mind reading, which is always interesting. Edward's OOC-ness in regards to discovering his fate may take some time getting used to. He isn't very broody yet when he finds out what he is and how it occurred. Because he has Carlisle, and he's become quite enamored by him.
So, there's this bath scene – (uneven sigh/bite lip/groan) – that could have been ridiculously filthy and smutty… but… it wasn't. It was sweet. I'm talking, seriously diabetic coma sweet and it totally redeemed my fears that this would become another piece of empty smut. It was a very integral bonding experience that set the tone for this relationship.

Oh, but then the smut comes of course. It's nice because when they hunt together for the first time, it's predatory in nature, exploring the erotic reaction to a vampire's thirst for blood.

Excerpt: He dropped to his knees in front of Carlisle, still unaware of Edward's presence. He sat there and watched, eager to lick the blood from Carlisle's lips.
The discovery of their lust for one another comes quite naturally under the gloomy backdrop of the dark woods and the reality of their vampiric fates.

There's language of course. Words used to describe – (grin/husky breathing/quirked eyebrow) – certain areas of the male anatomy. Things get fairly filthy, but the emotional elements of Carlisle finally having someone to share his existence with never falter. They are obviously still plagued by the normal burdens of being undead, blood thirsty monsters, but they now have one another to love and cherish and… uh… unicorn (I verbed it again?)… when those burdens weigh heavily on their consciences. Edward's constant affections for Carlisle spur this love affair between the two unfortunate souls.

Excerpt: Living with someone who could read your thoughts certainly made less time for wallowing in one's self pity. Edward wouldn't let him, instead finding creative ways to take his mind off of his concerns. The boy was becoming quite skilled at distracting him.

Yeah. You'd be pretty excited about that shit too. Don't lie. But, they also have their moments of gentle and caring that will make you sigh dreamily as they grow closer and more comfortable with their places in each others' hearts and un-lives.
Excerpt: The nights were consumed with hunting and the wild frenzy brought on by the scent of blood, each slamming into the other with no abandon, wild and hedonistic and passionate. But the days - the days were spent in gentle touches and soft caresses, small whispers of passion.

Issues arise eventually, and I won't say specifically what they involve because it will ruin the best part of the story. Just know that it is deeply emotional and very sad when things begin coming between the pair. Edward's view of Carlisle's distance is heartrending and painful to read. The most recent chapter of this story will have you aching for their characters and wishing for their happiness together instead of the happiness they find in the canon story.

In conclusion, Bittersweet Hurt is an intriguing portrayal of two vampires seeking affectionate companionship and salvation from the agonizingly heinous vampirism that plagues their lost souls.

It's also pretty fucking sexy.

AngstGoddess003 is a new author to the fandom who has written one incredibly long and frustratingly epic fic [Wide Awake]. AG003 has zero credentials or impressive accolades, but she has very specific weaknesses for kittens, Coke, ans skinny white boys with guitars. She also has a soft spot for crude vulgarity and cookies. Unicorns are officially her favorite mythical creature.
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  1. I personally hate Edward slash with a passion (don't get me wrong, i love slash, SasukeXNaruto and LxLight is major win) but you kinda make me want to read...especially cause blood lust/sexyness is super hot

    and btws, skinny white boys with guitars = epic win
    why do you think I play bass in a metal band? for the boys of course! (jk, i actually love to play music, but the boys are a plus :D)

  2. I can't wait to read this. I only read recommended slash and you convinced me that this is going to be really very good.
    MORE addicting stories. JUST what I needed.

    Skinny white boys with guitars.


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