Monday, December 15, 2008

Vive La Revolution!

Welcome one and all!

In a great response to a post about community I did on the wonderful Twilighted, a community for high quality Twilight inspired fanfiction, we have decided to take our Revolution to the streets.

Many of us authors in this fandom adore the Free High Quality work provided for us. We appreciate the time and effort it takes for each author to post the crack we live off of. With this fandom virtually exploding with genres and subgenres, we felt it was time to love on the underdog. You know who they are. The writer who gets no recs, no accolades and no love. That is the one of the purposes steer you lazy, but discerning ficsters to the hidden treasures. To give you countless hours of escapism, humor, angst and everything in between! We will be doing this by in-depth highlighting, assessment and recommendations on why you should give something a shot. It's like the book club reviewers guide to fic! We will also be including some of your favorite fic authors in our posts...they will give you THEIR hidden treasures and why you should be in the know.

Now some of you may have already read the following, but indulge us bleeding hearts in a slightly militant hippie moment...this is our TRUE reason for doing this...

The other purpose is to perpetuate the community. We have very strong feelings on this. We are a community of support and love here. We hold each other up when we can't do it for ourselves. We assist each other by advice, recommendations and friendship. We have formed little communities within this large one we have been so blessed to be graced with.

In this type of community, there is no room for debasement of others and disrespect, regardless of what our personal preferences are. It makes the threads of a community weak.

To us, it's not about the popularity, it's the craft. And while many of the more noted fics are excellent in their own right, be it smut or plot driven, we think the smaller fics that don't necessarily steer towards the trends should be recognized for their quality.

We find it amazing that there is such passionate feelings against or for certain types of stories and people have every right to voice their concerns, but we think the way in which it is done should be respectful. So it comes down to this, regardless if you prefer certain fic, it does not negate the craft it takes to write creatively in any genre. To publicly strike that down is negligent. The motivation to do so is questionable. We may not like the content of some fics, but others do. So obviously, the talent resonates somewhere.

We are a diverse community made up of many different types of authors, each who bring something unique to the table. We say embrace rather than negate. Our differences are what make us intriguing. It's a COMMUNITY. Support the whole. Be a pillar of it and promote what you love rather than tear down what you don't. Take the time to review and post. Take a moment to be a friend within your circles. That is why we chose to post here, where we could PROMOTE the stuff we love. We feel it's a much more positive way to bring about change and work out our own personal frustrations in fandom.

Also, we find authors fall into to the trap of just writing and not necessarily reading. We think it's time to start really giving back. Take a few minutes, an evening before bed, on your iPhone as you stand in line at the something new and be bold...REVIEW. Give back to the ones who have helped you along the way and made you smile with their lovely words. Be a READER AND A WRITER. Be a fully contributing member to the community. We get so much personal pleasure from our own reviews, give that back to someone else.

We try to be big purveyors of this theory, because we think all of our lives have been changed by this experience. Many of us have found our dreams again. Many of us have found something we didn't know was missing. Many of us have found a home. We try our best to be contributing members and to give back a smidgen of what has been given to us. That task is daunting, considering we feel like what we have been given is priceless, we don't feel like we can ever thank enough, share enough or support enough. We do our best, and as we've said a hundred times over, we try and to us that's what counts. It makes us a part of this world as much as you all are a part of ours. So in that respect, you are tremendously valued to us and we can only hope to return the favor one day. We start here, by supporting these authors that deserve it and have given us their time to help us to become established and respected within this fandom. We continue by POSITIVE posting and reviewing to others as opposed to focusing on just our own, because only after we make the decision to act like a community full of RESPECT and SUPPORT can we be one.

Lurves ~ amelia aka smellyia, angel, angstgoddess003 and emibella

Disclaimer: This blog is meant to enhance the Twilighted Community, NOT take away from it. We will encourage story and forum posting on Twilighted and will rec only fics that fall under the guidlines of Twilighted. This is your newsletter to help you navigate the world of Twilight fandom and the Twilighted Community, because that's what we're about...enhancing the Twilighted Community in the most positive way we can!


  1. Yes, the picture is of smellyia. She loves to wear tight dresses and bone-bows and totes a rifle bird-perch when she writes beautiful discourses about changing the face of fandom. How hot is that? Smoking hot.

  2. Now I have bangs, kick ass wardrobe and lots of waterproof eyeliner. The boobs we'll just imagine with the help of Victoria Secret's and tape.

  3. awesome project, thanks for investing the time and energy in this...I'm hopelessly addicted, and a bit weary prowling the for new stuff, only to get turned off after the first sentence, paragraph, or chapter...all you great writers out there have spoiled me, for sure.

    I've already read one, thanks to your recs, and will start another today, thanks to yet another snow day on the way!

  4. This is exactly what I'm looking for. I often feel lost in a sea of fic unable to really find what I'm looking for. Especially while my current faves are mid-updates. (*cough*Oxy & AG*cough*)

    Thanks for this. I can't wait to hear more.

    P.S. If we have recs for you guys, how do we pass them along?


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