Thursday, December 18, 2008

Housekeeping, bleh.

So a few bits. I am about to post the first rec and that will give you an idea of how future recs from Guest Bloggers will be formatted. In addition to recs, we will be posting interim blogs that will discuss the fandom, give encouragement and some may even be in congruence with the fics...we want to give you things to ponder about this experience and we encourage comments here, but moreso on our TLYDF thread on that we have started in the Twilighted lounge. Hopefully it will garner some additional reader/author attention.

TLDYF Link on forum:

In addition to this, AngstGoddess003 has kindly volunteered her AMAZING photoshop skills for the graphics we have now! On the bottom of the page are available avi's and siggies to use for your blogging, Twilighted forum and Gchat profiles....they are so purty. A big round of applause and gushes of thanks go to the lovely AG.

In addition to this blog, we have joined forces to steer us away from the dark side with emibella's Music Sunday's blog. The goal of this is to enhance our musical minds for inspiration to write the fic we all adore so much. It's an amazing blog full of intelligent musical assessment and mass emails that put the underground into your box....please take a moment to check it out, follow it, get on the email list. Link below as well as to the right of this page.

If you have questions or concerns, please email me at

amelia aka smellyia

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