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Admin Rec: First Recommendation!

Author: Caligula42
Story: Irritable Grizzly Adams (IGA for the truly lazy)
Status: WIP
Rating: Mature
Chapters: 16, 50,837 words
Published/Updated: 9/16/08, 12/12/08
Genre/Sub-Genre: AU, Edward never came back after NM
Summary: Edward left Bella in the woods five years ago. Struggling to make a life without him, Bella finds herself still alone in an entirely different forest. But what happens if they are accidentally reunited?
Irritable Grizzly Adams by Caligula42
IGA Twilighted Forum

Smellyia's Recommendation:
While this story follows in the most popular AU sub-genre of 'Edward never came back after NM' like so many others, it stands apart. This Bella is a very strong version of the character. She is definitely scarred and hurt from the experience, but the emotion is dealt with in a very layered manner. This Bella does not just deal with the abandonment of Edward, but the abandonment of all the Cullens. Bella has taken this less-than-desirable turn of event in her life and while it has shaped many of her decisions and the course of her life, she has found a purpose. Bella is a dedicated research assistant and occasional pimping for endowment money from The Man tool. Her perception of self is much more aware than in most fics and she embraces her womanhood rather than shying away from it. The character development here inspires sympathy, likability and most importantly, awe. Whenever I read this, I always wonder if the fate that had befallen this Bella was my own, would I have been able to do as she did? I would like to hope so.

Another interesting character in this story is an OC. Dr. Ryerson is a father figure who is Bella's boss. Caligula has blended him so seamlessly into the Twilight world that I swear he has been there all along. Instead of portraying him as a sappy and annoying overbearing Father type, Dr. Ryerson is a gruff, but endearing man. He is dedicated to his work, but extremely protective of Bella in a very subtle way. He is more the friend who really gets it, rather than a pushy confidante. I'd like to point out here how difficult it is to create an OC that not only blends, but also adds another dimension to an already established universe. I have only seen this done well twice before (ELISA in the Evening Falls series by Avalonia/Ava Sinclair and Ryan in What A Horror by Ereeen).

The author herself uses such a lyrical format in her descriptive prose that every paragraph seems like I have been transported into another world without even noticing I've moved, but yet everything remains so very real. I am astounded by her wordcraft constantly. Descriptions like calling Edward's hair "anxious antennae" is what I live for in this story.

Caligula also uses her subject matter (research, setting) in a knowledgeable manner. She has had real experience/exposure in the settings and research making her story accurate, but also interesting. Not only has Caligula been able to create a very believable AU, but she has also been able to create a story that is all her own. Her writing is beautiful, realistic and full of heart. It transports and builds. It's truly a hidden treasure and I think it's more than worthy of our precious time.

The addition of this story to the AU genre is a welcome one. Many fics in this genre portray a stagnant and unrelatable Bella or an Edward who gets off too easy. Rarely are stories in this genre so in depth with the emotion and backlash of such a loss in life, that it's difficult to find resonance in them. This story brings all of that about in a unique format.

So please, take an evening to read this, it only took me about an hour to catch up completely on it, and hopefully, you will be tapping your fingers for an update as I am right now. Leave her a review (she is sadly low on these at only about 187 on that tells her what she has done for you today and go post on her forum at She doesn't post her story on Twilighted, but hopefully that will change. She would be a wonderful addition to the community. Caligula responds to most, if not all, but is truly kind and grateful, not to mention she owns 2 pairs of Christmas socks (that's a WIN deal in my book). That's an added bonus for us readers!

And if you read this fic because you saw this post...please let the author know!!!

smellyia is an administrator for this blog and writes in the AU-Human/angst genres. She is an active member of the Twilighted community and posts her stories Disaffected, When We Drove All Night and Congratulations there. She also has too many dogs, a Call of Duty addicted husband and a pager that never stops beeping. smellyia on Twilighted smellyia on


  1. Thanks very much for this rec. It's quite a fabulous read that I probably never would have taken a look at otherwise and I definitely would have been missing out.

  2. I need to echo boofadil's comment. The title would have never inspired me to read it, but I LOVED the first 18 chapters that are up and will definitely be following it from here on out. This one really does stand out from the crowd in the Edward-never-came-back-at-the-end-of-New-Moon sub-genre. Her character development and overall writing style is magnificant.


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