Saturday, October 10, 2009

Affiliates: Slash Backslash One Shot Contest

Hosted by: Pastiche Pen and AngstGoddess003


The premise for this contest is that PastyP and AngstyG basically, pretty much, kinda-sorta-maybe... want more boy love. More Edward slash peen. More Jasper bent over. More soft Carlisle kisses against scruffy chins. (Pastiche wouldn't mind more pack stuff, either. Angst wouldn't mind more vamp stuff.) You get it. Also a general sweep of our fandom's slash shows that there's like zero vampire boy slash, not much pack slash, and while JasperxEdward seems to be doing okay, well... we quite simply want more.

More more more, om nom nom.

We're greedy that way. Anyhoo, we're specifically being not-picky about this contest--Twilight needs more slash. Period. So, purty plez, be creative, push the envelope. There's no lemon requirement--though we like them (the good ones). Naturally, the two of us like dark, angsty shit with a dose of humor--but we're also looking to blow these pairings. I mean blow the genre WIDE OPEN. Dammit. Still sounds pervy. Fuck. Anyhoo, this time round, we're only doing the boys. If you have multiple boys in mind, please send them to TwiSlash Unveiled, which is hosting a contest for polyamory right now. We'll have public voting and some judges picks. AG will make the winners some nifty banners. And your slash will drooled over by many. Especially... us.

Rules and Guidelines
  • Submissions will be accepted from October 15 12:00 AM EDT to November 31 11:59 PM EDT.

  • Entries must be between 2,000 - 10,000 words in length. This includes header and the FFn bloat.

  • Entries may be vampy, Canon, AU, AH and any genre (e.g., angst, humor, family, suspense).

  • Entries must be rated appropriately.

  • Any and all Male/Male pairings accepted. Any rating accepted.

  • For the love of God, lubrication or disqualification.

  • No Rape please. No incest (adoption doesn't count.) No bestiality (Wolves don't count.)

  • Collaborations are welcome.

  • Please have your shiz beta'd. We encourage any author with need for a beta to check out Project Team Beta.

  • Limit of ONE ENTRY per author per character pairing. (eg. You can enter with a Jasper/Edward and a Carlisle/Emmett)

  • Entries will be accepted from (FFn), LiveJournal (LJ), and Twilighted (T’ed). See submission guidelines below.

  • Any non-FFn entries will only be linked on this profile for viewing. Consider using LazyJournal to generate any LJ entries.

  • Entries must be a new story.

  • We're cool with expansion of one-shots after the fact, but please keep in mind that one-shots are judged largely on their ability to exist solely as a one-shot.
Submitting an Entry
Once your one-shot is posted on either FFn, LJ, or Twilighted, please PM us at the Slash Backslash profile page with the story name, or email the links to You must use the contest header provided below.


Story Name:
Pen name:
To see other entries in the “SLASH BACKSLASH” contest, please visit the C2:

  • After the submission deadline has passed, there will be two open/public voting rounds featuring all validated entries.
  • Voting Round One Begins: December 7th, 2009.
We sincerely appreciate any promotion of this contest!

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  1. Wondering whether venom would be more lubricating than saliva... Has anyone had this discussion before? What was the verdict?

    Cause vamp rimming has so much potential...

  2. Wow. What's totally effed up is that I'd totally though about that before, too...

  3. DUDE, i so have thought about it. I've seen the rimming for venom lube thing done before. It worked.

  4. Tiny little technical detail...there is no Nov 31. *cringe*

    that said, looking forward to entries - I *heart* slash.

  5. For the love of God, lubrication or disqualification.

    THANK YOU. Whenever I read non-lube fics I just cringe because it sounds so damn painful.

    I'm so looking forward to this contest!

  6. @Chicklet. yeah, it's 11/30. we realized that while scheduling but kept forgetting and putting 31 accidentally, so yeah, I'll go ahead and fix. :)

  7. After reading some Magnus Bane/Alec in TMI and Irial/Niall implied in Melissa Marr's faerie series... I've been throwing around some Jasper/Edward ideas. I know they're done a lot more than anything else, but I like it. The mind-reader and the empath - total angsty boy love potential there.

  8. "total angsty boy love potential there."

    o. m. g. YES. Totally, totally. That whole sentence just made me gooey inside.

    So.... ~whistles~ I 'spose we can count on you to enter then, eh?


    See you there!



    I'm so glad somebody out there has a twisted mind like mine and thinks up crap like this.

    Can't promise I'll write anything good but I'll give it my best shot. Leaning towards a Jacob/Emmet pairing myself... oh the testosterone!!


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