Wednesday, October 7, 2009

GeneralNews: LazyJournal v1.0 Beta

What is LazyJournal?

LazyJournal is a free, easy to use (lettuce hope...) generator for posting FanFiction to the website without the necessity of knowing, using, or modifying HTML/CSS code. You simply fill out the form provided, choose a pretty layout, and then it generates all the code you need. You're one (freals) copy and paste away from posting your shiz. No more excuses. It stores your story information (Which is kept completely private. There is no public listing of stories) so that you may go back and make more posts in less time. Laziness abounds here at the ficster!

What's this 'Beta' deal?

Uh, yeah. That means that I only just made the script so I'm counting on your feedback to improve it, make it more user-friendly, eliminate errors, and get a general feel for what the fandom needs. If you'd like to submit a bug report , make a suggestion, or simply want to let me know how much I suck, just email me at!

Oh, and... is in no way affiliated with

We're just, like... really fucking lazy and stuff.

Yeah, so... that's the message you'll see on LazyJournal and I believe it sums it all up. I've provided over 20 templates and plan to add more once I get some suggestions. Hopefully this will be a handy tool for all ficsters. Pass it on to your other fandom friends. (I'm nodding at you, HP.)

Leave some comments if you'd like.


  1. Sam, you're so fricking amazing for posting this. Go you for battling the ascii code and being a web genius.

  2. ohh *does happy dance* I'm excited already...:D let me go peek


  3. omg! AG, I have no words.

    Okay I lied. I can't believe how easy you made that to use!! I've just posted up my first chapter and I'm amazed at how great it looks

    Thank you so much for taking the time to do this

    I think I've just admitted to being a lazy arse (well I did try when you posted your tutorial but it gave me brain freeze)

  4. Service unavailable...Ok now it's available. It looks pretty and very easy to use. I had some ideas to write but I don't feel quite sure about doing it in english. I had writen some fiction in spanish (which as you can see my language) and some people had told me that I don't do it bad, but I don't know how to make it happen in english, is there someone who can help me?. Oh! and the main question, can I use this pretty tool writing my story in spanish?

  5. Thanks Littlechoo! ♥

    Xime: Of course you can do it in Spanish! It's all the same and all. I'm not a speaker of le espanol myself, so I'm no help on that other issue, but I have it on excellent authority that we have an upcoming article on use of second languages in fic.

  6. You're welcome.

    Just popped back to say that i've just re-posted all 7 chapters I had up there with the lazyjournal and no bugs at all. Perfect, thank you again :)

  7. Hello Sam:

    I just wanted to say thanks for this wonderful tool. Wide Awake was the first ever fanfic I read this past summer and I was always amazed at how beautifully your story was framed in LJ.

    Now that I have written my first ever fanfic. ( I wanted to be able to post on LJ and make it look good. I am on FFN and Twilighted and have about 180 reviews in about a month, so it is going well, and I owe it all to you. If you ever want to read a new highly OOC fic, check me out. In the meantime I wanted to ask if your tool will allow me to use my banner or avi artwork?


    Beverlyn (belli486 on ffn and bevell on twilighted)

  8. Sam, I've decided that you are too smart.

    Yep. You're smart, and talented, and funny. And from what I've seen, not ugly.

    Why couldn't you at least be ugly???

    The world isn't fair.

    Thanks so much for this. You already know I love it.

  9. So, wow, I am blown away by this.

    I recently had my first negative wank experience in the fandom, and I've been all emo and doubting the goodness of mankind. The fact that you are putting this out there for people to use is so generous, it really has redeemed the fandom for me somewhat.

    Thanks for pouring your time into this.

    (This sounds so kiss ass, but really this impacted me because it's just such a NICE thing to do.)


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