Monday, May 17, 2010

The Mac Daddy

The Me & Mr McCarty Contest

Go to and search Twilight fanfiction (all ratings) - there is a trend that disturbs me immensely...not enough Emmett.

Don't believe me? Well the numbers don't lie:

  • 58,642 Edward centric stories
  • 12,723 Jake centric stories
  • 9,521 Jasper centric stories
  • 5,057 Emmett centric stories
That last number makes my tender little Em loving heart hurt, which is why I am here today, shouting from the blogtop about the Me & Mr. McCarty Contest...cause the world needs more Emmett!

We want your GUYNEXTDOORmett's, we want your DARKmett's, we want your GEEKmett's, we want your ROCKETSCIENTISTmetts, we want your NONCLICHEmetts.

Basically, we want Emmett in whatever way shape or form you can dream him up. Step out of the cliche box and let your imagination run wild!

Pairings? Have at them! Garrett and Em? Alice and Em? Bella and Em? Jasper and Em? and of course, Rose and Em!

Bromance? Romance? Roadtrip? We don't care, we just want GREAT Emmett one shots to fill the void of his secondary character presence, and hopefully, lead to multi chaptered loveliness!

Go checkout the blog for more details, along with a great list of Emmett fics - in some he is the star, in others he is a great supporting character. The consistent theme - he's all gold. Also, keep an eye on FF, more stories will be added to the C2 as the submission date of 6/14 nears.

So please, for me, won't you puh-leeasssse think about writing a good Em one shot? Maybe we can even that story disparity out a bit - the poor guy deserves love too!

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