Friday, May 28, 2010

Announcement: BRB


TLYDF has had plans for
for a long while. With the introduction of new admins, new featured columns, new idea suggestions from the fandom, and general longing for a blog platform that doesn't murder the very foundations of my soul, we've decided to do this now.

As we
migrate from Blogger to
our personally hosted
please excuse our downtime
. We're taking this moment to restructure, expand, and get settled in to a new process. We'll be back up and running and better than ever in just a
few short weeks

Thanks for taking the journey with us, and we hope to hear from you at the new site soon!

Highest Regards,

Samantha, Shannon, Elle, Heather, and Caitlin.


  1. For any of our drabble gals who are reading this, I'll be pushing the schedule back a few weeks to accommodate these changes, and will be emailing all of those currently signed up. :)

  2. Damn.

    I'll miss you! XD

  3. I know the site will debut all fab and everything. Please tweet the unveiling!!

  4. Yo. I was wondering if you'd like a guest blogger/columnist/reviewer. I basically spend all my time reading Twilight fanfic. It's gotten so bad that I've started emailing myself chapters at work to read (if you put them in a Word document, no one can tell it's not work! Win!). Anyway, I humbly offer my services. My fic is here - send me a message. Or not, yunno:
    Lia x


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