Friday, May 21, 2010

Fandom News - 5/21

Winners for I Can't Believe It's Not Canon! Challenge Announced Today

Voting for Twiku Kung Fu Contest Ends

Winners for The Faithful Shipper Awards Announced Today

Voting for Twiku Kung Fu Contest Begins

Deadline to Submit Entries to We Don't Need No Stinkin' Coven! Contest

Winners for Forbidden Lemon Contest Announced Today

Voting for Taste on My Tongue Challenge Ends

Nothing on the calendar for today!

Ongoing Contests, Open for Submission:

Buffy/Twilight Crossover Contest - 6/1/2010, Seers Outtake Writing Contest - 6/1/2010, Don't Mess with the Help Contest - 6/4/2010, Mean Girls of Twilight - 6/4/2010, Quileute Legends Challenge - 6/5/2010, Til Death Do Us Part Contest - 6/5/2010, Monster in Law Contest - 6/6/2010, The Wolf and the Pack-Hag Contest - 6/7/2010, Under Her Thumb Challenge - 6/13/2010, Me and Mr. McCarty Contest - 6/14/2010, There Will Be Blood OneShot Contest - 6/17/2010, Obsession Contest - 6/20/2010, Alternate-Shippers Challenge - 6/27/2010, Darkella's Naughtiest Temptation Contest - 6/30/2010, Long Distance Lovin' Contest - 6/30/2010, The BD Screenplay Challenge - 6/30/2010, The Lemon Wedge Challenge - 6/30/2010, The Novel-Novice Wedding Challenge - 6/30/2010, Summer Review Contest - 8/31/2010

Open for Voting or Nominations:

Voting for the Taste on My Tongue Challenge ends 5/25/2010

Nominations for the Twilight All Human Awards ends 5/28/2010

Voting for the Twiku Kung Fu Contest ends 5/29/2010

Voting for the Texts From Last Night Contest! ends 5/30/2010

Voting for the We Don't Need No Stinkin' Coven! Contest ends 5/30/2010

Nominations for the Fictionista Workshop Awards ends 5/31/2010

Voting for the The One With All The Twilight Contest ends 6/3/2010

Voting for the Giggle/Snort Awards ends 6/4/2010

Nominations for the The Shimmer Awards ends 6/10/2010

Voting for the The Silent Tear Awards ends 6/20/2010

Voting for the Silence of the Wolves Contest ends 6/21/2010

Voting for the Twilight Twins Awards ends 6/25/2010

Voting for the Total Eclipse of the Heart Awards ends TBD

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