Monday, May 3, 2010

DrabblerScrambler: A Bad Habit

A Bad Habit

Today's Drabbly Babblers

Drabble #1:

She sticks out much like the faux crucifix that had been nestled amongst our supply of personal lubricant and condoms.
"It makes the costume," she says of the rosary. She then inspects my flimsy costume, expression shaded by the black fabric covering her head.

From a stack of distanced milk crates, our director motions for us to begin.

Ruby-sin lips curl and pucker. "Have you been a naughty boy, Edward?" A ruler smacks against her palm.

I nearly laugh. "Forgive me, sister Bella."

"I think you need forty lashes."

That's not in my contract.

I let her do it anyway.

Drabble #2:
"No one ever sends you Mother’s Day cards after you have a miscarriage.

But you’re still a Mother.

Aren’t you?

You produced life and carried a child, even if it was only for a few weeks or months.

What if you wanted the baby, loved the baby, named her and put her ultrasound picture on your baby daddy’s fridge?

What if you bought little pink booties, a pink onesie, and one of those Velcro clasped ribbons to stick on the fine baby hair of her head so everyone would know that she is a girl?
Shouldn’t you get a card?"

Drabble #3:
I had no business shaving my legs or reapplying lipstick in the middle of the night.
I’d been wearing pajamas, flannel ones, when Edward's text arrived at two-oh-one, exactly one minute after the bars closed.

Had no business hailing a cab as the Chicago winds whipped past, traveling to a man who inevitably tasted of cigars and Johnny Walker Blue.

But it only took one crooked smile, one path of green eyes along the curves of my body for me to melt into him, hearing the metallic flutter of wedding band against dresser piercing the darkness.

Least he still bothered.

Drabble #4:
"Bad habits?"

"Yes," said Alice. "When we took on this lifestyle, where we live in a community and interact with humans we all took on certain traits to seem more normal. Unfortunately, among the boys some of these became a tad habitual."

"Emmett?" Bella asked.

"Nose picker."


"I'm sure you noticed Jasper's," Alice said, "It's constant."


Alice lowered her voice, "He touches it almost constantly. "Adjusting" apparently."

"Oh. Yeah I had noticed that."

Bella was almost afraid to ask. "Edward?"

"He's been a virgin for a hundred years, what do you think?"




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