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QuickieFickies: Missing Canon Moments

Canon: Missing Moments

So, while nominating stories for the Eddies and Bellies last month, I had some serious trouble with the Missing Canon Moments category. I'm not sure if I just hadn't read a bunch, or if I'd simply forgotten them because they'd been so good that, in my mind, they were just canon to me anyway. This made me really want to seek out some great canon missing moments, and I was so glad to see an awesome stockpile of canon o/s recs submitted to Quickie Fickies over the past few weeks.

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| Drama / Angst | Canon | Carlisle / Edward | Rated: T/PG13 | 2,866 words | Published: 7-21-08

Carisle's pov. Missing moment from Twilight/Midnight Sun. A father watches his son walk away.
It's a poignant moment for Carlisle when Edward, after that near-fatal meeting with Bella in their biology class, goes to his father-figure to tell him he's running to Alaska in order to save the life of Chief Swan's daughter. In some ways I feel like this is canon Carlisle at his best: outwardly calm, supportive of his son, and fighting his own guilt at sentencing other to his immortal life. He's so well rounded here. I feel like Scarlett71177 captured his character perfectly.
| Supernatural / Family | Canon | Carlisle / Bella | Rated: K+/PG | 9,042 words | Written for:Indie First Time Writer's Challenge | Published: 10/17/09

Bella is forced to reflect upon the upcoming shift in her relationship with Mother Nature and she teaches Carlisle an important lesson about responsibility. One-Shot. Canon. ExB. CPOV.
This is one of those great canon missing moments as the Cullens help prepare Bella for her new life as a vampire. I like how Xaipre strikes a good balance between the humorous interactions we all enjoy in the original series and quiet moments of reflection that we expect from Carlisle. A must-read for canon enthusiasts!
| Angst / Hurt/Comfort | Canon | Bella Swan | Rated: T/PG13 | 2,258 words | Published: 3-09-08

New Moon. After Edward leaves, Bella is distraught and Charlie sends her to counseling. But Bella finds her own counseling in the form of Mike Newton
Something about this story that keeps you thinking about for a long time after it, I have an obsession with the missing months in New Moon and this is the fic that I believe handles it well. As the author says on her profile, if Twilight was written by someone other then Smeyer, it could easily taken this direction.
| Humor / Romance | Canon | Edward / Bella | Rated: K+/PG | 673 words | Published: 11-25-07

Before the wedding, Edward sees one of Bella's scars from when she was just a little kid. Upon hearing the story, he decides to show his fiance his own scar - and its story reveals secrets not only about Edward's past, but about his relationship with Bella as well.
This one-shot is really great. The writing's excellent - but the ending is, by far, the best thing about it. Definitely a great humor fic.
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