Sunday, February 7, 2010

Guest Fic Rec: ItzMegan Goes Groupie


In the story’s opening, we’re introduced to an Edward that we’ve all met before: beautiful, talented and arrogant. However, it’s The Groupie’s Bella that makes this Edward worth reading about. From the moment this story begins, the reader steps into Bella’s shoes and is assaulted with the emotional upheaval of being the girl behind the great, being the reason for it all but getting none of the credit. And this isn’t your typical “always beautiful but suddenly discovered” Bella Swan. This Bella is overweight, sarcastic to a fault and the owner of ten years’ worth of unrequited love. But it’s the characteristics of her personality that reiterate who she is: a beautiful, caring, kind-hearted spirit.

Every chapter powerfully demonstrates exactly what Bella is feeling and makes sure the reader feels it too. Much like the canon Bella, this Bella is relatable. She could be any one of us. We’ve all been where she is…

“When I walked back into that room, it felt like every person sitting there was staring at me, feeling sorry for the poor chubby girl that was in love with her best friend who was, unfortunately, entirely out of her league.”

We’ve all had that gut-punch moment where someone has said something to us that is so emotionally stunning, that we literally feel the sting of the words:

“You’ve never been in love Bella,” he said, as if it was some sort of explanation.

I stared at him, trying not to look like someone had just punched me in the stomach. My heart literally felt like it had fallen to the floor and I fought back the urge to cry. It was absurd for me to feel that way because of course Edward wouldn’t know that I knew what being in love felt like. He wouldn’t know that I understood how scary it could be, how your heart could ache to the point that you literally thought it would kill you. He wouldn’t know that I understood how hard it was to concentrate because your mind was consumed with the thoughts of that one person you loved. Of course Edward wouldn’t know that. I was in love with him, and he had no freaking clue.

In addition to the story of the main characters, the supporting characters of The Groupie have great depth. Case in point: Esme. Her back story gives the plot an element of emotional viability that makes passing judgment almost impossible – and for this story, that’s important.

As the story progresses, there is an overwhelming desire, not for Bella to “get her man”, but for her to stand up for herself; for her to realize her worth and to see herself in the way that her friends obviously do. And when that moment arrives, there is a definite sense of arrival, completion and redemption.

There is one overall question this story begs to have answered: will Bella follow her heart unconditionally, or will she put herself first and make love work for her instead of working for it? The value of this story is the journey the author takes the reader on to get to the answer - to get to that place where Bella pens “Fear will not keep me from giving someone else the peace that I have felt. Even if this turns into a mistake, at least I can say I tried. Once again, I can’t fail at trying.”
ItzMegan73 is the author of such awesome fics as The Tutor, A Rough Start and The Cannabean Betrothal. She writes Edward blue-collared, socially dysfunctional, and oddly virginal - and always hot. She perfers vans to airwalks.

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