Monday, February 22, 2010

DrabblerScrambler: Jessica


Today's Drabbly Babblers

Drabble #1:

Bella and I are, like, opposites.

She hates attention. I work hard for every bit I can grab.

She wears silence like a favorite hoodie. Quiet scares the crap out of me, so I’m a compulsive talker.

To Mike, Bella is this shiny new toy. I’m last year’s birthday present, the one that’s fallen to the bottom of the toy box.

But he asks me to the prom and I’m on his arm and my boobs look fantastic.

And then Bella hobbles in wearing one chuck and Edward Freaking Cullen.

Where’s that bucket of pig’s blood when I need it?

Drabble #2:
Chest? Forty inches. Waist? Thirty-two. Inseam… forever!

Six feet of dreamy, creamy Cullen. Four-button tux for his torso. Lanky, but god, gorgeous in a vest to match my dress. Gold eyes— gold jewelry. It’s fate.

He’d shell out for orchids. Sturdy ones that wouldn’t crush when he... you know. But do I have the guts? I could, for him, perfect in my prom pictures...

Except when he glares across the cafeteria. Crap! Look away.

Ooh, hello.

“‘Sup Jessica.”

“‘Sup Mike.”

Cue smile.




Cute dimples. Wonder if he’s… you know. Got a tux.

Chest? Forty inches. Waist? Thirty-two…

Drabble #3:
I’m supposed to be that girl. That girl who talks like she’s swallowing a mouthful of marbles. That girl who recklessly spews the word “like” during any awkward pause, transition, or just for the hell of it. That girl who everyone fantasizes about—sometimes as a porn star, sometimes as the victim of a Tanya-Harding-like crime. That girl who snaps bright pink bubble gum in the faces of her nemeses, silently threatening to smoosh the glob in their hair.

But what if I didn’t want to be that girl?

“Jess, did you see the new Cosmo Girl?”

Oh. My. God.

Drabble #4:
I'm a strong confident girl.

Working at Gas 'n' Go sucks, but at least I can work on my mantra. Yay for multi-tasking!

I look up and see Mike in front of me.

Oh God, Mike. Oh crap! I fix my hair. Stay down, frizzies! Stupid gross work shirt!

"Hello," smiling nice and big for him.

"Hey, Jess." He hands me a five.

I bag his purchases.


"Bye." He stops. "Oh Jess?"


"You have something in your teeth." He walks away.

I what?! I pick out a piece of broccoli from my front teeth.

My life is destroyed!

Think You Know That Drabbler?


  1. Okay, so I got VivaViva correct right off the bat and everyon else wrong, then I realized I had the same name in two boxes. I tried again, and got them all right, including GangsterDorothy with whom I WC on the regular. I am embarassed. ;)


    hahaha of course the jessica ones would be wildly amusing!

  3. The first two and the last one cracked me up:D, the third one saddened me. I can all to well get the feeling of being stuck in a box and being thought of as only having one side. Maybe there's more to Jessica than we think?

  4. That was really fun!!! I was only 2 for 2 though :(


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