Monday, September 14, 2009

Author Interview: QueenofGrey

1. What are the best and worst parts about doing a vampy AU?

The best part, easily, is that I’ve been able to tweak the things I found irritating in the book and make them different, better. Obviously, I had a problem with how easily Edward had been able to overcome his bloodlust in the book. It was something that stuck out like a sore thumb, for me. Here, in this crazy world of fan fiction, I’ve been able to alter his reaction to meeting Bella, make it, dare I say, more believable that he has this all-consuming lust for her. It feels nice to be able to do that. On the opposite end, the worst part, for me, is continuing that theme of severe blood lust throughout my story line and I think that might have been why Stephanie went the route she did. In the way I’ve written it, it never completely goes away for him and I’m having a bit of trouble coming up with new ways for them to be together, to be the couple that we know & love, while staying true to the changes I’ve made in their universe. It always keeps me a little bit on edge. Either way, though, I’m having a hell of a lot of fun.

2. If you could change one canon trait to better suit your story line, what would it be?

I know I’m going to get endless heat for saying this, but I’d eliminate Rosalie completely. I’ve yet to find a good and solid purpose for her in my story line, as she has no power, so to speak, to aid in making things easier for Edward, for Bella. Jasper is their sponge, Emmett is their bodyguard, Alice is their soothsayer, and Rose, well, she’s just there. I know that isn’t a trait, per say, so, maybe I should go with something a bit less severe, like, giving her an ability. I’d love for her to have something like the ability to mess with time, turn it back. That would be interesting.

3. Are your reading preferences like or unlike your writing preferences?

I read a little bit of everything. If the writing is good, I’ll read it. If the story line is absolutely something I’ve never come across and the writing is moderate, I’ll still read it. Contrary to what most would believe, I’m not all about angst and heartache all the damn time, though, well, I do love it.

4. You update so quickly and it's awesome. How do you do it? Is sleep optional?

I’ve very lucky in the sense that I have a job with insanely flexible hours and it doesn’t even require that much time to begin with, so I spend a lot of time tethered to my laptop. When I’m passionate about something, as I am about CN&FL, I’ll immerse myself into it for hours at a time without batting an eyelash or coming up for air. My quick updates are also facilitated by the fact that I don’t have a beta. I know that’s frowned upon and I should really look into getting one, but I can’t handle sitting on something once it’s been completed. I’ll stew and want to rework things and I’m really better off going with my first draft most of the time, so I live without one, thus, chapters get posted supremely fast. And, no, sleep is not optional. It’s absolutely required. Though, if I’m in the middle of writing a chapter, I refuse to hit the hay until it’s posted.

5. Best fandom experience. Go.

In real life, I’m a bit of a closeted Twilight fan. I know, I should be proud and scream it from the rooftops, just so long as the screaming’s not in Rob’s general direction, but I’m a quiet gal to begin with, so it doesn’t come up much in conversation. I don’t go to conventions. I haven’t met the cast. I haven’t made a ton of awesome pals through our mutual love of Edward Cullen. So, my best fandom experience, really, is finding my place in the world of fan fiction. It’s been so nice to have such a warm reception, to read such heart-fluttering reviews. I grin like a mad man every time I get a new alert in my inbox. It’s really the best. It is. Oh, and this awesome chick, Angst-something-or-other recommending my fic to a room full of people was pretty damn cool, too.

6. Please to be explaining your penname?

My penname is a spinoff of a Will Hoge song called “King of Grey”. He is, by far, my favorite musician on this planet and it’s just a very hopeful song,

or, at least, I think it is. Music’s a big thing for me and, on top of my penname being derived from it, most of my chapter titles are nods to favorite lyrics of mine, as well.

7. Give me impromptu haiku on Vampward's bloodlust in CN&FL?

It calls, dark and deep,
this lust that I have for her.
Consumes me, so sweet.

Hey, simplicity, that’ll do.

8. Your profile states that you are a fan of the awesomely awesome Firefly. If you had to fit the characters from Twilight into the cast of Firely, who would be whom, and why?

Oh, good God. This is a tough one. Can I trade it in for another question? No? Damn it. I’m not going to do everyone, just because I’m a pussy. Emmett is, obviously, Jayne. Do I even need to explain that? The hired, snarky muscle of the bunch? Yeah, that’s Emmett. Alice is Kaylee because of their shared shiny disposition. I’m going to go ahead and say that Jasper would be Mal because of the war history. Carlisle might fit as the good doctor, Simon. Really, this blows and I’m aware, but damn you for giving me a hard question, such as this. Onto the next, more fun, question.

9. When are Bella and Edward going to DEWWW EEET?!?!?! Kidding, kidding. What are your thoughts on sex impatience in fic and requests and/or inquiries on the state of Edward and Bella's sexual activeness?

Bella and Edward are absolutely going to do it. Eventually. Will Jasper be there? Maybe. Will that be awkward? Absolutely. Am I lying about any of this? Maybe. Only time will tell. As for sex impatience, I can’t stand that. Look, porn is free on the internet and if you’re looking to get off, contact me, and I can direct you to some interesting sites, but if you’re in it for the story line, you won’t care if you have to wait forty chapters before tab A gets inserted into slot B. Hell, I’m lucky, because my readers are awesome and they stuck with me through twenty-two chapters just to have Edward kiss her freakin’ hand, but I know that there are other authors out there that struggle with comments about “WHEN ARE THEY GOING TO DO IT?!” every day. The best we can do is brush it off and stick to our story lines. If we lose readers, that’s their loss. I’m not going to compromise my plan just so some people can jerk it to fan fiction.

10. What are you reading?

I’m ThisColony’s self-proclaimed biggest fan, so all of her works: Salacious Behavior & Earnest Speaking, There is Filth, Even Among Kings, and, her collaboration with houroflead, Lukewarm Alphabet. Other than fangirling all over her, I’m really enjoying Bare by stella luna sky, The Woods are Lovely, Dark, and Deep by bananapancakes7, Dead Confederates by goldenmeadow, and, while it’s only a prologue and a single chapter right now, I’m loving the hell out of Good Man, Bad Habit by OcchiVerdi.

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  1. Cool interview, I've added Carpe Noctum & Fiat Lux to my Twilighted list - Dying to sink my teeth into something new.

    I'll have to be a bit of a fangirl right now and say that the pimping of ThisColony is what sold me on checking out your stories. Love love love Salacious Behavior.


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