Sunday, November 22, 2009

Guest Fic Rec: Burning Feathers

The last time I wrote a book report was when I told my fellow fourth graders all about my love for Cloudy With A Chance Of Meatballs, a book which I am now positive gave the women of my generation their food issues. Seriously, check out the obesity rate of women in their 30's, coincidence? Pffft.

So when asked to write a review for this lovely blog, I was a little nervous. I mean, I am part of a podcast that discusses buttsecks on a regular basis, stuck vjgm in a popemobile, and sings naughty words to the tune of Hot Pockets. Additionally, the most popular character in any of my own fics is a cat. A cat. Not kidding, an actual pussy.

But here is my dirty little secret. Come close chickens, sit on my lap. I. Love. Angst. I love it when my tummy gets ripped out and shown to me. I love when the characters are hopelessy flawed and the HEA is not a guarantee. And I love when I am constantly surprised.

So when a reader rec'd me Burn And Shine by pulsepoint, I ate it up. Ravaged it. Then grabbed a plate and headed back for seconds.

When we begin this fic, Bella and her ladies have been arrested for teepeeing a sorority house. Mysterious bad boys Jasper and Edward are also in the pokey. With this set up, it seems as though you know exactly where its going, yes? I have never been so glad to be wrong.

This Edward is dark, cryptic, wholly unlikable, and yet once his onion starts to be peeled a little, he is heartbreaking. He has dealt with many many issues from his past, issues that continue to haunt him to this day. What happened to him in his childhood is a topic that has been well covered by this fandom, however pulsepoint uses it in a way I have not seen before. Abuse stories are typically told through the female perspective, and yet it is Edward who has seen some dark days. It effects him on a daily basis as he struggles to get by in his gypsy like life, and my heart breaks again and again for him.

This author uses this backstory to slowly reveal a very strong and very proud young man, who continues to deal with his past that manifests itself in the worst ways. As Bella begins to get to know the shut down and shut off Edward, she is confused by his rudeness, his lack of interest. She doesn't quite know how to handle this beautiful boy that seems so angry and so interesting at the same time. Like a moth to a flame, she is drawn to him without question, but can she handle the darkness that threatens to overwhelm him.

Edward continues to push Bella away, and Bella is refuses to back down. She is challenging, she is pushy, she is charming. And when these two finally begin to make their way towards an understanding, it isn't easy for either of them.

Why is this story so much better than others? There is an easiness to this writing, a clear sense of these characters. Despite Edward's outward abrasiveness, this author has crafted such layers without setting them up in an obvious way. Each little nugget of information is revealed slowly, and purposefully. And in a fandom littered with unearned fucking and canyon sized plot holes, this story gets you where you need to be exactly when you need to be there.

I am very easily entertained, I am not easily impressed. I read too many fics, and am admittedly distracted by shiny things. However, there are few that stay with me, that make me squeal like a fangirl when I see the alert in my inbox. Burn and Shine is one of those stories. I adore this fic, and encourage anyone that wants something to hold on to, that wants to feel and squeal and cry and laugh and watch two perfectly matched halves stumble towards their whole. And because I am who I am, heh heh...I said whole.

Ramona Quimby said never end a book report with "And if you want to know what happens next, read this book." I normally don't disagree with Ramona as a rule, but I am the kind of reader that can't stand knowing too much in advance. I hate when someone spoils a story for me by telling me chapter 12 when I am on 2. So I simply will not reveal anymore, I will just nudge you with my big toe in the direction of Burn and Shine by pulsepoint. Do not let another day go by without experiencing this world.

Now I want meatballs...anyone else?

Feathersmmmm is the genius creatoress of Clive (best O.C. ever), and the author of such wonderous fics as Edward Wallbanger and I Love LA. She loves Panera. She is also a tea-kettle giggling hostess on Twigasm. She is sorta super.


  1. WOW you sold this story. It's going straight on my list.
    Thanks for the rec :)
    (will keep a box of tissues close. I'm a bit of a wussperv, but you definately made me want to try it)


  3. Read through the whole story last night. My eyes are burning and I have a headache, but it was great.

  4. this is an awesome rec. I usually don't follow recs, but I'm gonna read it right now.

    "A cat. Not kidding, an actual pussy." hahaha. I love Clive.

    ooooh Ramona Quimby! It's been awhile since I read

  5. No joke...I read as many of Ms. Alice's rec's as I can. I love her personality and her sass (not ass, sass, but her ass is probably fine too), and have come across some of the best fic's, through her.

  6. I'm not supposed to be reading more new stuff...I have too much I wanna read...but This has quickly been thrown at the top of my list. Thanks a lot. There goes my life again XD.

  7. Wow, you're a closet angst-lover, just like me! My fic friends tease me and say they never listen when I recc something because it winds up ripping their guts out. But I'm with you, I love some angst. Some of my favorite fics are ones where Edward and Bella are (gasp!) divorced! So it goes without saying that this one is going straight onto my to-be-read list!

  8. I was up way past my bedtime last night reading Burn and Shine based on your excellent recommendation. Thank you so much; you were absolutely correct. I love it.


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