Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Author Interview: IAdorePugs

1. What got you writing fan fiction in the first place? Where did you hear about it?

I was introduced to Twilight fan fiction early in 2009 by EtomyB, a good friend. I had no idea it existed. Originally I started writing “A Stable Romance” as a private story for my best friend Amy. She was so impressed with it she told me I should post it on fanfiction. I passed it on to EtomyB and she told me the same thing. Finally I sent it to a non-biased fellow author. When he also said I should post it, I bit the bullet and did it.

2. Does your family know about your Twilight/fan fiction habit? If so, what do they think about it?

My whole family knows I love Twilight, and most are aware I love Rob too. My sisters are the only family who know I read and write fan fiction. They are both in the process of reading A Stable Romance. They are very proud of me, and think my new hobby is a great way for me to use my creative mind. My older sister says our mom and grandma would be tickled pink with what I am doing.

3. How much time do you shelve away every week/day for writing fan fiction? Is there a specific time you write best during?

Now that vet school is back in session, my time free for writing has definitely decreased. I try to get in an hour or two every night. On the weekends I can do a bit more if my exam schedule allows. Sometimes I will write while I take notes in class to help stay awake.

I usually find it easier to write in the evening, between 8-11pm. I put some good music on, often my Rob iPod playlist, and unwind from my day writing.

4. What is your experience in dressage and why did you choose to involve it in "A Stable Romance"?

I have been riding English for 21 years, and focusing on dressage for 18 of those years. I own two horses, Gunner and Sparty. Gunner I have had for 18 years, Sparty for 3. I have shown both of them in lower level dressage.

I choose to involve it in A Stable Romance because it’s the riding discipline that I know the best, and the one I love. It takes a lot of discipline, patience, and hard work. There is also a need for attention to detail and precision that appeals to me. I think it’s those attributes that made me start thinking about what if Edward rode dressage. Then I started thinking about Edward wearing breeches, and well, it was a given that I needed to involve dressage at that point.

5. Did the idea to write a story about horse training and dressage or the idea to write an AU, AH Twilight story come first?

I would say the idea to write an AU/AH Twilight story came slightly before the idea of including dressage and horse training. Not by much though. They say to write what you know, so I decided the best way to approach my first attempt was to involve dressage.

6. Did you ever picture Edward or Bella as being horse-lovers/trainers/riders while reading the Twilight books? What is it about their personality that makes them fit into the horse-lover characters you portray them as in "A Stable Romance" so well?

No I never really did picture them as that while reading the Twilight series. It wasn’t until I’d read some other AU/AH fanfiction that put them in other occupations that it crossed my mind.

Edward’s personality fits because he is dedicated and has a strict attention to detail. He doesn’t cut corners or do things half ass. Unfortunately there are many people in the dressage world who just like to buy the fancy horse, and show it, without learning to ride properly, or understand the fundamentals that are essential. It struck me that Edward, if he was a dressage trainer, would feel that was unacceptable. At the same time, a type A personality like Edward, can be too hard on himself for little things. This can make dressage a tougher pursuit because it is something that takes time to learn as a rider, and to successfully train a horse. Edward, once he had decided he was going to succeed at something, wouldn’t stop working until he did.

Bella’s warm heart was part of what I knew would attract her to animals in general. She also has the level of dedication to what she loves to excel at whatever she sets her mind to. To me Bella is always looking for ways to learn, and find her place. I decided that maybe Bella could find her niche in dressage and working with horses. Her struggles with her self confidence and patience with herself would be tested, but also improved with dressage. Bella carries an aura of peacefulness to me that grows in the Twilight series. I could see her using that as an aid to work with troubled or more difficult horses.

Together they both have a strong sense of right and wrong. I thought seeing the professional horse world through their eyes and experiences together would be interesting. Plus I knew that a type A, slightly anal retentive Edward, training Bella in dressage, was a recipe for lots of interesting interactions and adventure, leading to romance.

PeaceLoveTwilight can be found at her blog, Peace. Love. Twilight!, on Twilighted as PeaceLoveTwilight, or on FanFiction.net as CedwardPattinsonian. She is currently working on her stories “Acceptance”, “Reservation for Ten” (a collaborative work) , and “Delusion & Devotion”. When she is not writing, e-mailing, blogging, reading, eating, or sleeping, she is…well, not really doing anything!

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